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For Parents
Bullying - 10 Steps All Parents Can Take

Chalkable Parent Portal - Check grades, attendance, discipline
 Chalkable InformationNow
Chalkable InformationNow

Contact your school for student ID number and pin number.

SchoolCast - Parent notification system
We want to keep parents informed. SchoolCast is the parent notification system used by Tuscumbia City Schools.  Make sure your contact information is current.  Log on to update phone numbers and email addresses.  Refer to the letter sent out by your school for username and password.
Google Apps
Google Apps Learning Center

Internet Safety
Stay Safe Online

Deshler High School

Deshler Middle School

R. E. Thompson

G. W. Trenholm

Cyber Bullying
The Bully Project

Stop Cyber Bullying

Beware of Cyber Bullying

Net Smartz Kids

Video / Podcasting
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State Department of Alabama
Chalkable - PD (Professional Development)
 Chalkable PD
Chalkable PD

Chalkable Parent Portal - Check grades, attendance, discipline
 Chalkable InformationNow
Chalkable InformationNow

Parents, use this link to check grades, attendance, and discipline from home.

State Department of Education

Websites for Teachers
ABC's of Classroom Management from Teaching Tolerance
A three-part classroom management curriculum focuses on building school communities, influencing positive classroom behavior, and differentiating instruction.
All Kinds of Minds
Resources include games and activities designed to help students understand their own kinds of intelligences, lesson plans, articles, and case studies that present management strategies for accommodating learning differences.
Culturally Engaged Instruction

Renee Moore shares personal classroom practices and culturally-engaged approaches to teaching English to African-American students.  The site shares her methods for assessing student work, creating writing workshops, teaching grammar lessons, and creating classroom standards.

Differentiated Instruction
From conceptualization to implementation, this Canadian website offers a how-to guide for presenting a lesson to a group of mixed learners including tips on classroom arrangement and lighting.
Internet 4 Classrooms
Quizzes, games and activities are designed to help teachers gauge students' personal learning styles and the degree to which students possess particular kinds of intelligence with in the multiple-intelligences paradigm.
Layered Curriculum
Includes a variety of educator-created, layered lesson plans designed to build on students' core knowledge through application and problem-solving and to challenge students to think critically and analytically.
Performance Learning Systems
A training and consulting company, features the "Kaleidoscope Profile,"  an assessment product designed to give information to educators about student's and their own learning styles.
Teacher Tap
A tech-help resource for educators.  Includes suggestions on ways to use technology to engage students' diverse learning styles.
Teachly's Amazing Talking Brain
Facts about the human brain designed to teach educators about the brain's function and enable them to tap into and stimulate various parts of the brain for student learning.